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Essay Project in Progress

Critical Issues of Equal Parenting (not yet available)

This essay is an update of the brief that I presented to the Canadian Parliament's  Special Joint Committee on Custody and Access in 1998, on behalf of HEART (Human Equality Action and Resource Team).  The issues have changed very little, but the language of the movement has changed to reflect clearer new goals (equal parenting), new evidence has come in, and I have changed my views about what the movement should be pressing for.

My Work History

I'm not going to try covering all of my work, because there are too many little bits that probably nobody can ever recover, and because I just don't remember well enough.  At one time or another since 1998, I've been connected with most of the equal parenting or father-friendly group leaders and activists in Canada.  They must surely have different perspectives on the situations that we all lived through.  The arrangement is more or less chronological.

Testimony, Special Joint Committee on Custody and Access