by Eric Tarkington

The UML tools are not enough -- this book teaches how to use other techniques and best practices that are not part of the UML, but make the UML easier and more effective.

UML Iterations is the working title of a nearly-complete book about the Unified Modeling Language, and it is now in search of a publisher.

Designed as a text for an upper-level undergraduate course in object oriented systems analysis and design, this book has textbook features that are missing in the best competing books on the UML:

  • Exercises for each chapter
  • Each chapter corresponds to a week
  • Tools and concepts pre-tested with hundreds of live students
  • A very extensive case study (> 50 pages!) illustrating all of the main tools and practices
  • Case study documents with examples and blank sections, for students to fill in during course work
  • Templates for the documents used in analysis and design
  • PowerPoint presentations available in the teacher portion of the website
  • These same features make the book a powerful source for experienced system developers learning the UML.
This book supplies a very exact prescription for coordinating UML tools within the popular, new, iterative development process.  It doesn't stop with loose guidelines -- it gives clear instructions for how to take development products from one UML tool to another.

Each UML tool is described along with the indispensible development team activities and best practices that enable system analysts, designers, and managers to answer the big questions --

What are we doing now?
What are we doing next?
Who do we need to do it?
(See the Table of Contents.)

Publishers, please contact etarking@ooadvocate.com, or via:  Eric Tarkington, 1383 Iverson St. NE, Atlanta, GA

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